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eCCR Rebreather

Why CCR diving in Senegal ?

We wanted to create a dynamic around TECH diving and especially around CCR diving after 17 years of open circuit diving in Dakar.

A lot of rocky dives sites deserve detour (basaltic rocks in particular) and need to stay longer underwater to enjoy them. It’s also the same feeling with many of the wrecks that we have underwater in Dakar.

Diving with CCR is the best way to dive freely and not constantly looking at your pressure gauge underwater. With CCR you can stay up to 2 hours underwater and admire beautiful landscapes of Seminol for example and enjoy local fauna and flora on rocky dive sites and on wrecks.

Wrecks here have no historical value. Most of them come from a program initiated by the Senegalese Federation of spare fishing to create artificial reefs for the fish in the middle of sandy areas. And this objective was mastered, there is a lot of aquatic life on these wrecks !

Of course CCR diving has advantages and disadvantages as well as open circuit diving. One thing is certain is that the main risk is get used to diving with no bubbles and no noise and come closer to aquatic life !

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