The Nautilus Diving club regularly organizes action days to clean up the beach and thebay of Ngor, and this since 2016.  

We also organized a few actions in Soumbedioune.

These days are usually organized into 3 teams :

  • one on the beach with non-divers and children
  • one with certified divers in the water with scuba equipment
  • one skorkelling in the water with fins, mask and snorkel

These actions allow us to collect between 300 and 500 kg of refuse.

What we collected was also sorted into categories.  Most of it is plastic things and aluminum

(soda) cans.   

You can follow our actions on our page My Ocean with in the website Projet Aware (

We have also collaborated with local student associations specialized in the protection of the


Follow us on our blog to find out when the next action day is.  Come and help us !!