280 € / 184.000 FCFA

Intro To TECH

  • Increase your technicity and open the field of your skills by learning TECH diving, you will gain in safety and mastery.Minimum level of dving : PADI, SDI or equivalent OpenWater Diver with 25 minimum logged divesThis TDI course is the first contact with tech world of diving. It is a prerequisite before Advanced Nitrox and deco procedures courses. Objective of the course is to get more familiar with tech diving equipment configurations, improve the basis that you learned in your previous levels of training in buoyancy, environment perception, physical and physiological preparation. It will also bring you towards planning techniques with different mixes of gaz.

    Organization of the 3 dives :

    Ashore :

    1. Which equipment chosing
    2. Gaz checking within the diving team
    3. Basic communication
    4. Dive planning taking into account all divers and especially difference in air consumption between divers in a same group
    5. Deployment procedures of an SMB and communication between buddy team



    Before diving:

    Refesh the pre dive procedures especially with the dive plan, bubble check, divers position, etc…

    While diving


    1. Weight check
    2. Buoyancy mastery and control (horizontal trim)
    3. Mastery of kicking techniques (back kick, frog kick, helicopter turn, frog kick modifed etc…)
    4. Demonstrate your hability to maintain a correct trim (stay horizontal) while doing :

    – Regulator recovery a or change a regulator

    – Mask clearing (half and full)

    – A safety skill

    – Be able to access your valves and close them especially when diving with a double tank

    – Be able to deploy and SMB

    – Understand underwater conditions (current, surge, visbility etc…)