350 € / 230.000 FCFA

Deco Procedures

Weather you ar a recreationnal diver who wants to learn decompression diving procedures or a tech diver who wants to enroll in this course to confirm your knowledge, you will learn theory to plan and do decompression dives with decompression stops.

You will also improve your techniques in doing decompression stops and use all potential of your gaz mix with the primary objective of making your dive safer.

Your program for the DECO PROCEDURE course can be organized in 2 days or 4 dives :

  1. Decompression theory
  2. Methodes and procedures to do a deco dive with decompression stop
  3. Chose the right equipment for the right dive
  4. Adjust your buoyancy with the equipment chosen

This is the mandatory prerequisite to access “Extended Range” speciality

2 days
4 dives