300 € / 197.000 FCFA

Advanced Openwater Diver Junior

It is possible to become Junior Advanced OpenWater Diver at the age of 12 years old minimum with Nautilus Diving. Young diver will be limited at 21 meters between 12 and 14 years old. Once he is 15 years old, young diver is considered as an adult and is allowed to dive until maximum depth of 30 meters.

Organization of training is the same for “little” ones and “big” ones

5 dives in openwater on 5 different topics

2 topics are mandatory :

  • Underwater navigation dive : to learn to navigate underwater with compass and natural references
  • Deep dive : around 25-30m deep for those who are 15 years old minimum, 21m maximum for those who are 12-14 years old

3 topics that you pick, here are the ones that we offer :

  • Peak performance buyoancy dive : buyoancy games underwater
  • Night dive : to discover underwater universe by night
  • Fish identification dive : to learn how to identify most common fish species in Senegal
  • Search and Recovery dive : to learn how to do research patterns underwater and use a lift bag 

All dives are done with a certified PADI Instructor.

Price of course includes :

  • 5 training dives
  • All scuba equipment
  • Certification card PADI Advanced OpenWater Diver
  • PADI Advanced OpenWater Diver manual paper or digital (online)

Course can be done in 3 days with 2 dives per day or during 5 days with 1 dive per day. We can also do it at your rhythm with 1 dive per week for example.

We also organize special internships during school holiday and summer vacation. We always have Junior divers in Nautilus Diving !