310 € / 204.000 FCFA

Advanced Nitrox

Prerequisite to start the course : PADI or SDI Advanced OpenWater Diver with Enriched Air Nitrox speciality, Level 2 FFESSM with nitrox certification

This TDI course is the second contact with enriched air dives with oxygen. This is a very important supplement to make your deep dives safer. Objectives are to complete your theory knowledge and to get more familiar with use a gaz mix with more then 40% oxygen, plan your dives with multi gaz, learn how to use specific equipment for gaz mix up to 100% of oxygen.

Advanced nitrox course can be done in 2 days with 4 training dives.

Here is the content of the course :

  1. Improve your knowledge about specificites of use and potential hazards of pur oxygen and different types of nitrox mix
  2. Plan a nitrox dive and choose which mix or mixes are the best for this dive
  3. Organize a decompression procedure with a mix superior to 40% and pur oxygen (with and without dive computer)
  4. Handle logistic linked to these dives (number of tanks to bring, how to attach them, special deco tanks underwater etc…)
  5. Improve your theory knowledge about use of nitrox mix superior to 40%
  6. Learn how to respect dive plan with several gaz mix on the bottom and during the ascent
  7. Use of SMB
  8. Risk evaluation and help to other divers in the team
  9. Organize the dive (alone with air) and the group with the same gaz mix
2 days
4 dives