Becoming member

To become a member is very easy !

Just two steps :

  • Membership subscription is 40.000 FCFA for 1 year, 25.000 FCFA for 6 months.
    If you are a family with a minimum of 2 divers, the fee is 65.000 F for 1 year
  • Then you have access to member prices :
    Unit price for 1 dive with member price is 22.000 FCFA
    10 dives package with member price is 210.000 FCFA, 20 dives package at 360.000 FCFA

For the divers who have their own scuba equipment, the unit price is 19.000 FCFA, the 10-dives package 180.000 FCFA and the 20-dive package 340.000 FCFA.

To make it simple, membership runs for 1 year from the date of inscription.

As a member of our club, we offer you a free dive in the bay to accompany your friends during their discover dive.

For any further question, please contact us at the usual club telephone number 77 637 14 22 or by email.