Starting at 35 € / 23.000 FCFA

Wreck Dive

We are lucky to have a lot of wrecks underwater around Dakar. Majority are coming from a governemental program of boat sinking started in the 80’s.

Most of the wrecks are between 25 and 50 meters deep.

We also have a few wrecks around 18 meters deep on which OpenWater Divers can also dive. Most of our wrecks are accessible to Advanced OpenWater Divers minimum.

Wrecks dives leave from Soumbedioune dive center and it’s also possible to dive with nitrox during these wreck dives, if you have the certification.

Contact us directly to know when the next wreck dive is !

If you want to know more about wreck dives, you can also sign up for the wreck diving speciality if you have Advanced OpenWater Diver level minimum


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