À PARTIR DE 41 € / 27.000 FCFA

Junior Discover Dive

Starting at the age of 10 years old, come and discover scuba diving with a professional and certified diving Instructor.

We have all scuba equipment specific for Junior divers.

You don’t need to be a great swimmer to enjoy scuba diving, you just need not to be afraid of water.

You just need 1.5 hours to discover scuba diving and it can be done any day with an appointment.

Possible also to do a photo report of your first scuba dive.

You’ll have memory stick with the pictures on them so that you can share your adventure with friends and family !

We want to you to never forget your first moments underwater …

Our offer for Discover dive + pictures includes :

  • Memory stick 256 Mo
  • minimum 15 pictures 
  • discover dive with full equipment
  • discover dive certificate

Details of the photo report :

  • Before the dive : preparing equipment
  • On the boat
  • During the dive
  • After the dive : undoing equipment