Our Dive sites

Diversity is an adjective which suits good scuba diving around Dakar’s peninsula !

Diversity of marine life (benthic, pelagic, coral reef etc) and diversity of dive sites. Sandy bottom on the majority of Senegalese coast line, Dakar and it’s surroundings have a privileged situation !!!

Vestiges of the volcanic era, twin hills affectionately known as “les Mamelles” (The Breasts) face the Ocean. Around them, blocks of rocks ranging in size from enormous and to small cover the bottom, creating drops, long rocky ridges where a lot of fish can come and hide in the crags coming dating another time.

Our dive sites are located for several marine miles along the coast line and in all we can offer about 50 dive sites between 10 and 60 meters deep. Most of them are between 12 and 25 meters deep, located between Ngor Island and the Almadies point, requiring less than 20 minutes by boat to get there.

For all these reasons, we’ll always be able to offer you a dive site that suits your level and your wishes. Whatever the weather, we’ll always find a protected dive site on the northern part of the Dakar peninsula.