Senegal and Dakar

Located at the western-most point of the African continent, Dakar and more generally Senegal are atypical of Africa. A genuine kaleidoscope of luxuriant landscapes and vast areas studded with hundred year-old baobabs, Senegal offers a myriad of natural environments.

Sine Saloum

Sine Saloum

Located between the Sahel desert on the north and a large tropical forest, four rivers run across the country. Flowing from their source, the Mount “Fouta Djalon” in Guinea, there is the Senegal, which gave its name to the country, the Gambia, the Saloum and the Casamance.

Welcoming, warm and hospitable, Senegal is a crossroads between ethnic groups and traditions, land of the “Wolofs”, “Pulaar” (Peuls and Toucouleurs pastors from the valley of Senegal river), “Sonikes”, “Diolas” from Casamance, “Sereres” from Sine and “Mandingues”, add to the cultural wealth of the Country.

The western-most point of Africa, where foreigners are welcomed with great consideration, Senegal still preserves the values of hospitality, in spite of major changes in a society undergoing numerous crises. This is the legendary Senegalese “teranga”.