Excursions and activities

Senegal is a country bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean from north to south. It also has two major rivers that flow across it.

A successful marriage between the mineral and the aquatic, mangroves and “bolongs”, rice paddies and palm groves, river and food crops, mango trees and baobab, volcanic rock and sand, green hills and desert, so many colors, perfumes and sensations to discover!!

Each season has a particular landscape, each region has its own characteristics, language, religion and ancestral culture.

By coming diving with us, we can help you organize trips for one day or more.

We can advise you on visits to do in and around Dakar or in the south of Senegal in Casamance. We will do our best to share our experiences with you.

While visiting Dakar, you can find many markets, wander around the island of Goree, enjoy an evening on the island of Ngor, or admire a sunset at “La Pointe des Almadies” (the headland of the Almadies).

By taking your car for one hour, you can meet wild animals in the Bandia sanctuary, or for a big thrill, you can try the ‘baobabtop” adventure park. If you want to indulge in leisure, you could slowly go down to the Sine Saloum delta to discover the region of Serrere and its islands where you can get from one to another only by canoe. By going north for an hour, you will discover the Pink Lake with its dunes and endless beaches of sand that extend up to Saint Louis. If you want to enjoy the desert on camel, the Lompoul desert is for you.

Diving in Senegal is also discovering one of the many African cultures. All of this can be found at the threshold of the West, only a few hours by plane from Paris, Madrid or London !