The dive center has 20 complete sets of scuba gears in each dive center in Ngor and in Soumbedioune. The thickness of the wetsuits depends on the season and goes from 6,5mm to shorties. There are 3mm and 5mm full suits, too, available in all sizes (from child 10 years-old to adult XXL), man and women. You’ll always find one for you !

We have 10 liter tanks for children, 12 and 15 liters tanks for fun dives, and nitrox tanks for certified divers.

The dive center has a partnership with the trademark BEUCHAT which guarantees the most recent equipment that is frequently renewed.

We also work in partnership with the shop LA PALANQUEE NEWS for many articles.

We rent out many scuba articles during your dive to allow you to enjoy in total safety and improve your comfort : underwater camera with waterproof housing until 40 meters, dive computer, surface marker buyoant, lamp or torch.