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For us, every dive is unique and so is each diver!

Nautilus Diving is a school renown for the excellence of its training programmes and we are extremely proud of this. Nautilus Diving is also a small convivial structure that allows one to share one’s passion with others and exchange experiences and knowledge.

We choose to work with small groups for the training sessions (maximum is 4) in order to offer each individual a dive adapted to his level and wishes.

This will be the opportunity for advanced diver to think becoming a professional diver. Why don’t you do your training with Nautilus Diving in Dakar ?

Our dive center has become in 2018 (5 STAR INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT DIVE RESORT), high qualification in PADI system for Dive Resorts which offer Instructor training level.

The diversity of the sites and the diving conditions make Dakar an ideal place to learn about diving, for beginners as well as those with more experience.

Thanks to the richness of the underwater areas around the peninsula of Cap-Vert, most of our dives take place at a depth of 20 meters, more diversified and also reassuring for the diver. The dives in this zone also last longer and allow beginners to learn to cope with new situations in total safety.

However, to satisfy experienced divers, the peninsula also offers a wide selection of dives that gradually lead you to more technically demanding dives in deeper waters. The Nautilus spirit also includes highly technically training so that each dive makes you more competent. This way you can take the most advantage of your expeditions in complete safety.

We will accompany you and give you advice during your visits in the hope that each
dive you make brings you a little more pleasure.

Why don’t you join us for our next PADI Instructor course in 2019 in Nautilus ? More information on the special page about the last Instructor course in September 2018 ici

Look for all information about our school here. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pleasure is found under-water!….