Ngor bay cleanup

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Our action in Ngor Bay and beach was a big succes on November 26..
For those who were on the beach, other volunteer came and helped us when they saw what we were doing and especially a group of children from the village.

We were around 40 volunteers from Nautilus team on Sunday morning distributed in 3 teams :
– 1 team on the boat with scuba equipment
– 1 team with scuba equipment and snorklers in the water leaving directly in front of the dive ce,ter
– 1 team walking on the beach
In total, we collected around 3000 kg of garbage in 3 hours !
Garbage was sorted in 6 categories :
– plastic bottles
– aluminium cans
– glass bottles
– shoes
– other metar garbarge
– other plastic garbage
You can see the different piles on the pictures.
To throw all of this away, we filled in 2 1/2 times the back of the pickup truck complety !
We really want to thank every one who came to help us and especially our young participants (the youngest was 5 years old !)
We will do a new cleanup very soon, in January probably.
This action will soon be registred on the website Project Aware (
If you have ideas for next time, please let us know.
We also want to thank our sponsors KIRENE and SOBOA for the drinksthat all participants apprciated especially with the heat on Sunday and the 2 big containers for garbage which will stay on the beach.
You will find attached some pictures taken on Sunday at the different steps of the cleaning.
You can also find all information and pictures on our Facebook page Nautilus Diving Dakar and share it to your friends.